Weight Loss – The Surprising Reasons Diets Always Have Failed And Always Will Fail

Have you been failed by diets, pills, and all the so so called "weight loss miracles"?

Here's why:

In the past, when you tried to lose weight using willpower, pills, diets, or other methods, you were NOT dealing with what my experience with over 1/4 Million clients has taught me is the key to successfully shedding body fat:

Your subconscious mind.

Which science says controls 90% to 95% of your mind power! This means your subconscious is at least 800% more powerful than your conscious mind! No wonder traditional weight loss methods (which use only your conscious mind) are doomed to failure.

Please remember this fact: your subconscious mind does NOT think, it does NOT judge, it does NOT analyze.

It simply does whatever it's been programmed to do.

Frankly, whether you like the programming or not …

it still keeps the old programmed behavior going. And it POWERFULLY resists any change until you transform it's programming – – and this is why dieting is like torture for most folks, as you'll soon see.

After I explain this, some of my clients ask me: How does did my subconscious mind get this "Bad" programming regarding food and weight?

Either from repetition of certain behaviors over and over again … strong emotional responses … trauma … or from "imprinting" (taking on the characteristics of others) that occurred from watching family members, the media, etc., or any combination of the above.

Let's see how this has affected you. Right now, quickly think about your eating behavior in the past:

How many times have you eaten the wrong foods?

How many times have you eaten too much?

And how many times have you eaten at the wrong times, or eaten for emotional reasons?

That's a lot of information in your subconscious mind –just like it used to be in mine – that tells you … urges you … teases you … tempts you … and virtually forces you to keep overeating, eating the "wrong foods", eating automatically, habitually, or eating for emotional reasons.

Have you ever heard the computer expression "GIGO"? In the computer world, it stands for "garbage in equals garbage out".

In your personal world, your subconscious mind is the equivalent of a computer. And …

The information in your subconscious is the equivalent of the "Programming" in a computer.

Just like a computer, your subconscious mind doesn't care whether the programming it's got regarding food and eating is "good" or "bad".

It's mission is simply this:

To automatically make you eat in the exact way your subconscious mind was programmed to.

No matter how badly your conscious mind may want to do the opposite! Now …

Please listen up, because ….

Here's exactly how this programming sabotages and destroys most every attempt you've made to lose weight:

Let's say today is the day you are going on a diet (or trying some other "traditional" weight loss method).

You wake up.

Your conscious mind tells you to have a smaller, "healthier" breakfast than usual. It (your conscious mind) is fine with this.

However, your stomach, your hands and your mouth –all under the complete, steel-fisted control of your subconscious mind – aren't so fine.

So, while your conscious mind is saying, "okay, we've eaten enough" …

Your subconscious mind is telling you,

"Hey, I want more food …

I want more "Comfort food" …

and I want it NOW! "

But your conscious mind is still in control. So you manage to fight those cravings off … for a while … until you get to work, and see your co-worker eating one of the "unhealthy, fattening" foods that you love. (Not to mention all the jealous looks you gave to the restaurants along the way that would eagerly serve you "non-diet" food. Yup – I've been there myself, so I know.)

So, when you see your co-worker eating, your subconscious mind demands of you … "get me some of that food … and get it to me NOW!"

But your conscious mind is still in control, so you manage to fight that craving off … hopefully …

Until … lunchtime arrives.

Now, your subconscious mind is feeling deprived.

It's been ignored. And it's upset.

So, it tells you … let's make up for the deprivation and denial you put me through earlier today. It practically screams at you: lets eat a BIG lunch.

One filled with "goodies" that you know aren't good for you. The ones that certainly won't help you lose weight, but that taste … and feel … great.

Again, your conscious mind is still desperately trying it's very hardest to stay in control. So … you fight off that (almost) overwhelming urge to eat a big, emotionally satisfying lunch. Instead, you order a smaller portion of lunch than usual. Plus, you make sure it's something "healthy to eat".

Which means that after lunch, you are left feeling …

Deprived. Upset. Anxious. Hungry. Unfulfilled.

In other words …


And this process of getting cravings, of fighting off those cravings, of not feeling filled up, of fighting off hunger pangs, of fighting off the inner urge to eat "comfort food" goes on and on and on, like a painful water torture. .. until finally …

Your Will-Power Cracks!

Like An Egg That Falls To The Ground, It Gets Smashed To Pieces. And then …

Your subconscious mind takes over … and boy oh boy, does it take over.

ALL CONTROL IS LOST. Your subconscious mind makes you eat too much.

Or it makes you eat the wrong things. Or it makes you eat for the wrong reasons … or ALL of the above. And it does so with a vengeance.

And how does that make you feel?

Even Worse!

And when you feel bad, that's usually a strong signal to your subconscious mind to do what ???


And if you eat even more,

you feel even worse …

which means you want to eat even more … which is exactly …

Why Diets Don't …

And (Most Often) Can't Work!

Which is why any successful weight loss system absolutely forbids deprivation dieting!

Successful weight loss (in my opinion) must:

* Use the right techniques to eliminate the old programming that connected fattening foods to pleasure … eliminating the cravings for fattening foods …

* Eliminate emotional and habitual overeating …

* Tap into the hidden powers of your subconscious mind to eliminate the unconscious hand to mouth "automatic" eating behavior … while allowing you to feel completely full, satisfied and content while having eaten less food.

This way, losing weight becomes easier and more effortless than you had ever imagined possible.

Source by Steve Present

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