The Hottest Strategies For Weight Loss?

This article will give you some strategies for weight loss. There is a massive overload of proposed strategies, many of which prey on the consumer's wallet. For this purpose, I will keep this article brief and give you the two only ways that are proposed to lose weight effectively and safely.

Both strategies address the cause of abnormal weight gain: decreased metabolism.

For some people, the lack of metabolism may be due to a medical cause, such as hypothyroidism. This type of condition will require co-management using a qualified medical specialist and the methods are listed below.

For the rest of you, the following will suffice.

Before revealing these to you I would advise in avoiding improper or unsafe ways to lose weight: surgical methods, diet pills, unhealthy diets (like Atkins), "electrolyte" drinks, slim shakes, or fads.

Instead, focus on either one of two things:

1) Increased exercise

2) better diet

Now, some of you may be unsatisfied with the advice – as if you've "heard it all before." Did you try the above and it did not work? OK, well, then let me elaborate:

1) This requires INTENSE exercise combined with cardio exercise on alternate days. Quite difficult to do unless you know a lot about physical conditioning or under the strict guidance of a personal trainer.

2) This is actually much easier. All you have to do is modify your diet and eat proper types and quantities of carbohydrates, fats and proteins in a nutshell.
If you're unclear on this, you can access such simple strategies for weight loss here []. You need to do so as long as you are still overweight.

The good news is that as I stated above either 1 or 2 will suffice in helping you lose lots of weight – not just the conservative 1-2 pounds per week recommended by – I'll try to be nice – useless sources. For example, you can do # 2 without exercising and still lose possibly 10 pounds in two weeks and keep losing 2-3 pounds per week.

It is easy to lose weight if you follow the correct blueprint to do so. Now I've giving you this blueprint – it's up to you to act! Sitting in front of the TV eating Dorritos is not going to help. That said, I wish you the best of luck doing it – cause you CAN do it!

Source by Patrick C. Martinez

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