One-Leg Extension – A Perfect Resistance Training Exercise to Build Your Calf Muscles

If your bony skeleton and imbalanced body posture make you look funny, then resistance training exercises make a perfect solution for you. Not only these exercises add muscle mass to your body, but they also strengthen and tone your muscles. Another benefit of incorporating resistance training routine in your daily schedule is that it boosts your immune system and provides protection against numerous diseases such as high blood pressure, type-2 diabetes, osteoporosis, arthritis and cardiovascular problems.

When performed in the supervision of a qualified fitness trainer, resistance training exercises can get you your desired results extremely quickly. In fact, a resistance training routine is a combination of exercises that targets each and every muscle of your body. In order to train your large muscle groups, you need to choose a perfect combination of exercises that suits your body. A fitness trainer not only suggests you a right combination of single muscle as well as compound exercises, but also guide you on how to execute them safely.

It is important that you train your upper as well as lower body to get an ideal and impressive physique. Among lower-body exercises, One-Leg Extension makes a magnificent resistance training workout that builds and strengthens your calf muscles. All professional athletes especially sprinters and long-distance runners perform this exercise to strengthen their calves.

One-Leg Extension is different from Two-Legs Extension as the former exercise emphasizes on developing quad muscle as well. In order to perform the One-Leg Extension, you need to sit on a machine or bench with pulling the leg that you are not using for the exercise outside around the machine. However, you can keep your both legs inside the bench as well. Now, put your hands on your quad or use them to grip the corner of the bench to get a good balance during this exercise.

Next step is to lift the weight up with your one leg and flex it on top. Maintain this position for a few seconds and then slowly bring the weight down to complete one rep. Make sure that you perform 3-4 sets, 10-12 reps each. Now, switch to other leg and repeat the same procedure with the same numbers of sets as well as reps. When performing this exercise, make sure that you control the weight. Moreover, if you feel difficulty in performing this exercise, then you can put less weight on the machine in order to have a better control on it throughout the movement. Don't over train your calf muscles as doing this may lead to a severe lower-body injury.

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