Do Mushrooms Offer Nutrition?

Mushrooms come in many shapes, sizes and some can't even be eaten, but what about the great tasting ones we have all come to love? Do these fungi give our bodies any nutrition? You may be surprised of what they are giving us:

Fiber – Mushrooms mostly consist of water, but a large section of vegetable is actually fiber which is great for people who are trying to boost there daily intake. Fiber is also good for keeping your digestive track running smoothly and helping keeping you cleaned out, so you don't have to turn to things like Metamucil or worse!

Can help protect against cancer – Mushrooms contain a antioxidant called "selenium" which in some studies has protected cells from prostate cancer by up to 65%, great news for all the guys out there who might have a family history of prostate troubles in the family .

Loaded with potassium – A handful of medium sized mushrooms contain more potassium than a full banana, a cup of OJ and even a large potato. Potassium is useful for people who may train with weights, or do cardio training because it helps re-build torn muscle tissue faster then normal.

Diverse food – Adding mushrooms into your daily diet is easier then adding other foods because it goes well with more dishes. Mushrooms are a great easy snack along with a veggie platter, you can add them to omelets, BBQ (steak, chicken, etc ..), soups, salads and more!

Knowing the great nutrition facts about mushrooms may encourage more people to add them to there daily diets; so make sure you spread the word whenever health food conversations stir up.

Source by Taylor John

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